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Volkswagen Used Engine for Sale

Although the Type 4 was discontinued in 1974 when sales fell, its used engine became the power plant for the Volkswagen Type 2 produced from 1972 to 1979: it continued in modified form in the later air-cooled Vanagon from 1980 until mid-1983.

Volkswagen Used Engine
Volkswagen Engine

The engine that replaced the Type 4 engine in late 1983 retained the Volkswagen Type 1 architecture but featured water-cooled cylinder heads and cylinder jackets. Wasser Boxer, Volkswagen’s terminology for a water-cooled boxer cylinder (flat or “boxer engine”), was subsequently phased out in 1992 with the introduction of the Eurovan.

Type 4 engine was also used in Volkswagen’s version of the Porsche 914. Originally, Volkswagen versions came with a fuel-injected 1.7-litre 80 horsepower (60 kW) flat-four engine based on Volkswagen’s air-cooled engine. In Europe, four-cylinder cars were sold as Volkswagen-Porsches at Volkswagen dealerships.

Why are low mileage used engines important?

Rising cost of remanufactured and new dealer-only engines takes more out of your pocket, and engines are considered used anyway once installed.

Remember that when you search for a Volkswagen engine on our website, our remanufacturers have low mileage engines ready to sell. We buy vehicles from auctions that have either been wrecked, have no title. Also have serious mechanical or structural problems that prevent the vehicle from driving on the highway.

These cars still have valuable engines, and customers need engines like you. All of our Volkswagen engines are built to higher expectations. Our used motors are inspected, tested and come with some sort of industry standard warranty.

Find a Volkswagen engine instantly and be confident in your purchase! We have thousands of partner offices across the United States and our goal is to make your experience as smooth as possible when buying engines, transmissions and more.

Please submit the Used Engine Inquiry Form with all the correct vehicle and parts information so we can make sure your engine is in stock. If you provide us with a zip code, we will first check all car recycling locations in that zip code.

Post an anonymous request and let our junkyards, junkyards and used parts suppliers compete for your business. This will give you an edge in finding the best quality used engine at the best price.

Using our website will help you find what you are looking for faster in our junkyards and landfills. We take pride in helping our customers and our success depends on your satisfaction. 100%

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