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Cadillac XT5 Window Motor in sale

GradeAutoPart.com can help you find a used window motor quickly and easily. All used parts are checked before sale. Everything mechanical is checked for operability. We visually check the parts for any cracks, leaks, damages or malfunctions before placing them in our inventory system. Our range of used window motors is updated daily to provide our customers with fresh and up-to-date information.

What is Window Motor

A car window motor is an electric motor that is responsible for moving the window up and down in a vehicle. It is typically located inside the car door and is connected to the window regulator, which is the mechanism that moves the window.

The motor works by receiving a signal from the window switch, which is usually located on the driver’s side door panel. When the switch is pressed to raise or lower the window, it sends a signal to the motor to engage. The motor then spins a gear, which is connected to a series of cables or a track that moves the window up or down.

How it Works

Most car window motors are reversible, meaning that they can move the window in either direction. When the switch is pressed to raise the window, the motor spins in one direction, and when the switch is pressed to lower the window, the motor spins in the opposite direction.

Modern car window motors are often equipped with sensors that detect when the window is fully closed or fully open. When the sensor detects that the window has reached its limit, it sends a signal to the motor to stop spinning, which prevents damage to the window or the motor itself.

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