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Mazda apparently downplays production RX revival

Mazda apparently downplays production RX revival

After Mazda did not stop thinking about whether Mazda would continue its rotary engine program to create another RX sports car, a glimmer of hope lingered and finally showed its full light at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show with the show of a completely new RX concept -VISION.

This was an instant success and a complete surprise, as the future of the Mazda RX sports car and its unique rotary mill have been one of the most talked about topics in the automotive industry since the RX-8 stopped production several years ago. ,

In his discussion, Nakemin described the RX-VISION concept as “a kind of dream” and the fact that “there is no concrete plan for mass production of a vehicle,” which is like a dagger in the heart for anyone who loves fun sports cars.

However, in fact, it all comes down to the fact that Mazda is currently trying to provide an adequate level of bread and butter to ensure stable profits, which, in turn, provides better long-term stability and more opportunities for projects with greater risk.

In fact, Nakemine is trying to say that a car with a halo, like the RX, is now just financially impossible, be it risk, insufficient demand or technical problems. In addition, this allows Mazda to gain more time and save money, as Nakemine also suggested that it would allow the company to research and develop a more advanced car.

However, not all hope for the future of the Mazda RX spinning sports car is lost, as the prospective patent application for a new turbocharged spinning engine was found with assumptions of about 400 hp.

Thus, we return to the starting point, if this latest development about the next Mazda RX is true, as in, it is possible. But this will not happen soon.

-Jack Wilson

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