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Flat Tire

Replace A Flat Tire In 5 Simple Steps

Driving is usually a pleasure. A street cruise, or perhaps a rural cruise along with the comfort of your own car, can be spiritually rewarding. I know some people who treat driving as stress. But bad roads and traffic jams in bottlenecks can ruin this experience, and a stress breaker can be a major cause of stress if you get a flat tire among all this. Although it can be sad and sad to watch a flat tire, there is nothing to worry about. You can replace a flat tire in 5 easy steps, and that too in just 15 minutes. If your car tire has scattered even in the midst of traffic, here’s what you need to do:

1. Do not panic. You do not need to immediately stop your car. You can drive to the side of the road away from any movement and leave your car on a flat surface. Turn on the side lights / emergency lights in your car and get a spare tire,  Car jack and wrench (usually stored in the trunk). Do not forget to turn off the ignition and leave the mechanism engaged with the hand brake.

2. Using a wrench, begin to loosen the nuts on the wheel, but do not loosen them completely. Then securely lock the car jack in the groove under your vehicle (usually this should be fixed in the axle groove or suspension) and raise the car so that the wheel is free and almost 2 inches above the ground. If you do not know where to repair the car jack, refer to the manual of your car.

3. Remove the lock nuts, and then remove the flat tire. Put the removed tire in the trunk of your car. Now lock the spare wheel and tighten the lock nuts by hand. Remember to tighten the opposite Ears at the same time. After securing the tire, use a wrench to tighten the nuts even further.

4. Lower the jack to lower the car, and as soon as the tire returns to the ground, the jack will easily be released from the groove. Use a wrench to secure the tips.

5. Now that the spare tire has been repaired, be sure to leave the blanking key and car jack in place and close the trunk of your car. Now you can return to the road, feeling confident that you have replaced the flat tire yourself. But do not forget to repair a flat tire by a mechanic before breathing calmly.

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