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Is Your Car Shaking?, Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel Shakes.

The shaky steering is annoying and a sign of many problems with your car. Tires should be checked if you find that the steering wheel trembles while driving. You are not alone when you are tired of a vibrating machine and a shaky steering wheel. This is one of the common problems car owners face. Wheel alignment comes to mind, obviously, when you experience this problem. However, wheel alignment is not the only responsible factor. There are other reasons too.

Unbalanced wheels:

Even the slightest imbalance in the wheels can lead to shaky steering. New tires should be installed in such a way as to evenly distribute the weight in the wheel. Low profile tires can cause this problem. If you are unsure of the problem behind this, ask a mechanic to check the wheel hub. If not checked properly, unbalanced wheels can lead to problems with bumps, suspension components and struts. Tires are often associated with shaking steering. You can see that the concussion begins when the car moves at a speed of 50–55 miles per hour, and the condition worsens when the speed exceeds 60 miles per hour.


When the wheel bearings are in poor condition, this will cause the steering wheel to jitter. Wheel hub bearings are critical to the proper functioning of the vehicle. They may experience wear and may be less lubricated. When you cannot guarantee that these problems are resolved, shaky steering is what you will experience. It can also lead to a number of other problems in the car, if not resolved for a long time. When the bearings do not work properly, they affect the drive shaft, so the steering starts to tremble.

Brake issues:

When you see the steering wheel tremble when you slow down, your brake discs cause this problem. The brake pads and shock absorbers are worn out and the connections are loosened during prolonged use of the vehicle or during improper maintenance. Bad brake discs can also cause steering jitter.


This is another issue that is often forgotten. If your car has recently had an accident and is vibrating, the problem is most likely related to the axles. The likelihood that the axis is bent and damaged is higher. You may find that the steering wheel twitches and moves to the right on its own. Whatever the reason, the shaky steering wheel has a red flag. You need to immediately take your car to a mechanic and find the right solution before using it again.

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