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Idler Pulley

Symptoms Of A Failing Idler Pulley

The car consists of various components that must work in tandem so that the car each time reaches stellar performance. Even a small malfunction in a certain part can cause a lot of problems, so you need to replace it immediately. For example, idler pulleys in automobiles eventually wear out, so replacement is mandatory.

What are idler pulleys?

These are engine pulleys that guide and tension the engine’s drive belts, which are specially positioned around numerous engine accessories, such as an alternator, a water pump, a power steering pump and an alternating current compressor. The pulley is responsible for creating another smoothly rotating point around which the engine belt should rotate, so that the desired direction is achieved. Typically, an engine has one idle pulley, but some use more than one.

How to identify a faulty idler

Here are some signs you should pay attention to – take a look:

Screeching noises

Have you heard a screech or creaky sounds from engine belts? If so, is this a sign of a possible problem with the idle pulley. When the surface of the pulley undergoes wear, grips or binds, this can cause a squeal of the engine belt as it rubs against the surface. From time to time, a bad pulley may bind or slip and cause a belt squeal when you first start the engine.

Noticeable wear

One of the brightest signs of a faulty idler is its visible wear. When the pulley rotates against the belt, both parts continue to wear out over time. This friction leads to visible scratches on the surface of the pulley due to contact with the belt. Do not neglect this problem, otherwise both parts will wear out to such an extent that this will cause the belt to slip.

Damaged bearing or pulley

Sometimes, the bearing or pulley itself may wear out until it breaks, splits, splits or sticks. This disrupts the rotation of the belt, causing numerous problems. , A broken or trapped pulley can quickly cause the belt to break or, in less serious cases, the engine belt to fall. Once this happens, it can cause overheating and stopping, as the drive belt allows the engine accessories to function properly. Idle pulleys are critical when it comes to overall engine performance, so if you suspect that it is defective or defective, immediately check it and replace it (if necessary).

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