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The Trinity 2 by DiabloSport

These are narrow refills that can literally be broken to fit wiper blades. How cool is that? They were literally stuck at 1-inch intervals … like a bar of chocolate (although not as tasty). If you have a Trico Windspoiler, Toyota OE bridge vertebrae, a square or trapezoid claw, you’re in the business.

Clear graphics and a nice, customizable interface make the T2 MX performance monitor the perfect decoration for your eyes. The T2 MX capacitive screen and processor with lightning speed allow you to move between the screens of different sensors left and right, choose from a variety of user layouts, read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, register data and conduct a wide range of performance tests and other functions. with a simple touch. Trinity diagnostics cannot be successful in terms of complexity or overall wow factor, so if you are looking for the most advanced digital calibration device you can get, the T2 MX is for you.

Trinity T2 EX (With 50-State Legal Performance Tuning)

The T2 EX’s power programmer takes it up a notch thanks to pre-loaded 50-state settings, so you can tune your ride for towing, performance, daily driving and more without worrying about running an emissions test. Depending on your application, the T2 EX can also boost your car to 90 hp. and 90 TQ (for gas applications) or 100 hp and 250 TQ (for diesel), adjust your speedometer, adjust the speed limiters, run AFM / MDS active fuel management and much more. In addition, the T2 EX has several license options for vehicles, so you can configure the entire garage with one device.

Trinity T2 Platinum (With CMR Custom Tuning)

Not only does T2 Platinum come with a full arsenal of high-performance tuning options, but it also supports CMR, so you can use DiabloSport’s national network of custom tuners CMR, which will share with you some Tips for setting up DiabloSport and help you develop custom DiabloSport. ringtones for your specific car, allowing you to reveal the maximum potential of your trip.

Find out more and shop for the DiabloSport Trinity 2 performance monitor (T2 MX) and power programmers (T2 EX and T2 Platinum)

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