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Subaru imprezza Radiator for sale

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Feel safe and relaxed when you search for a used radiator and millions of used auto parts at our nationwide network of local salvage yards. We provide up to 1 year warranty on some of the parts we sell. GradeAutoPart.com makes it easy and simple to find local car yards. We also ship all of our parts to anywhere in the US. Our site provides a used radiator instantly at your fingertips.

What is Radiator and Why you need it

Subaru Imprezza Radiator

The radiator in the car is installed to perform the most important function, which is to protect the entire engine from overheating. When a vehicle’s engine is running, it tends to overheat easily; and there is a radiator to prevent this. The main task of the radiator is to provide coolant that protects the engine from overheating and failure. For example, when an engine overheats, it tends to shut down. The coolant coming from the radiator passes through the engine and cools it at the same time. The coolant then passes through the radiator, where it cools again, so that the process can start over. This process is repeated throughout the entire operating time of the car engine. The radiator in cars comes with two separate tanks, which are connected using brass or aluminum tubes. Therefore, when the coolant passes through them, the radiator fan starts blowing air to cool the coolant.

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