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Passat Cylinder Head in sale

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What is Head Cylinder

In an internal combustion engine, the cylinder head (often abbreviated to simply “head”) sits above the cylinders[1] and forms the roof of the combustion chamber. In side valve engines, the head is a simple sheet of metal; whereas in more modern overhead valve and overhead camshaft engines.

The cylinder head is a more complicated block often containing inlet and exhaust passages, coolant passages, valves, camshafts, spark plugs and fuel injectors. Most straight engines have a single cylinder head shared by all of the cylinders and most V engines have two cylinder heads (one per bank of cylinders).

How The Head Cylinder Doing in my car

The main task of the cylinder head is to close the combustion chamber of the engine from the top. The upper part of the engine is called the cylinder head, while the lower part is the engine block. The cylinder head sits on the engine and closes off the combustion chamber. The gap that remains between the cylinder head and the engine is completed by the head gasket.

The head cylinder is also responsible for dissipating the heat generated by the combustion process. It has coolant passages that allow engine coolant to flow through, which helps to regulate the engine’s operating temperature.

In summary, the head cylinder plays a critical role in the operation of an internal combustion engine by creating a controlled environment for combustion, housing key engine components, and regulating engine temperature.

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