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Seville Rear Windshield for Sale

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What is Back Glass and the purpose of it

The Cadillac Seville was a luxury car produced by Cadillac from 1975 to 2004. It featured a unique design element known as the “bustle back” or “French curve” style, which gave it a distinct appearance. One advantage of this design was that it provided additional trunk space without significantly increasing the overall length of the car.

In terms of the back glass specifically, the Cadillac Seville’s design allowed for a larger rear window compared to other cars of its era. This provided better visibility for the driver when reversing or changing lanes, which is an important safety feature. Additionally, the larger back glass allowed more natural light to enter the cabin, creating a brighter and more open feel inside the car.

Overall, the back glass design of the Cadillac Seville provided both practical and aesthetic advantages that set it apart from other luxury cars of its time.

How Important the Rear Windshield is

  • Visibility: The back glass allows the driver to see behind the car, which is essential for safe driving. It provides visibility to what’s happening on the road behind the car, enabling the driver to make informed decisions while driving.
  • Protection: The back glass provides protection to the occupants of the car by acting as a barrier against external elements like rain, snow, wind, and dust.
  • Structural integrity: The back glass contributes to the overall strength of the car’s body structure. It helps maintain the structural integrity of the car during a collision, reducing the risk of injury to the occupants.

In summary, the back glass in a car is an important component that plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and comfort of the occupants while driving.

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