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Mustang Break Pads in Sale

GradeAutoPart.com can help you find Used Brake Pads from our auto salvage inventory. All used parts are inspected before being sold. Anything mechanical, is tested for function. We visually inspect for any cracks, leaks, damage, or issues before we put the parts in our inventory system.

What is Brake Pads

Brake pads are a component of a disc braking system in a vehicle that provides friction and pressure to slow or stop the rotation of the wheel. They are usually made of a high-friction material such as ceramic, metallic or organic materials, which helps to generate the necessary force to slow down or stop the vehicle.

When you press the brake pedal, the brake pads press against the brake rotor or disc, which slows down the rotation of the wheel and brings the vehicle to a stop. Brake pads are an important safety feature in a vehicle, and they need to be regularly checked and replaced when worn out, to ensure the brakes function properly.

What is Purpose of Brake pads

Brake pads are an essential component of a vehicle’s braking system. They are used to slow down or stop the wheels from turning by creating friction between the pads and the brake rotor or drum.

When you press the brake pedal, hydraulic pressure is transmitted to the brake caliper, which squeezes the brake pads against the rotor or drum. This friction between the pads and the rotor or drum creates a braking force that slows down or stops the vehicle.

The purpose of brake pads is to provide a durable, high-friction surface that can withstand the high temperatures and forces generated during braking. They are typically made of a combination of materials, such as metallic or ceramic compounds, that are designed to dissipate heat quickly and provide consistent braking performance over a wide range of temperatures.

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