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Tiguan Ignition Module for Sale

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What is Ignition Module

An ignition module is an electronic component in a vehicle’s ignition system that controls the timing and strength of the spark that ignites the fuel in the engine’s cylinders.

The ignition module works in conjunction with other ignition system components, such as the distributor, spark plugs, and ignition coil, to ensure that the spark occurs at the right time and with the right intensity to start and run the engine.

The ignition module was a separate component mounted on or near the distributor. However, in more modern vehicles, the ignition module is often integrated into the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) or engine management system.

In either case, the ignition module plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the engine, and any malfunction or failure of the module can cause engine performance problems or even prevent the engine from starting altogether.

How Different Tiguan Ignition Module

One special feature of the ignition module in the Tiguan is that it is integrated into the engine control module (ECM). This means that the ECM is responsible for both managing the fuel injection system and controlling the ignition timing. By integrating these two systems, the ECM can optimize engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Another special feature of the Tiguan’s ignition module is that it uses direct ignition, also known as coil-on-plug ignition. This means that each spark plug has its own ignition coil, which is controlled by the ignition module. This design allows for more precise control of the ignition timing and can improve engine performance and efficiency.

Overall, the Tiguan’s ignition module is a sophisticated component of the engine’s ignition system, designed to optimize engine performance and efficiency while minimizing emissions.

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