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Volt Rear Windshield For Sale

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What is Rear Windshield

The rear windshield, also known as the rear window or back window, is the large piece of glass located at the rear of a vehicle. It serves as a transparent barrier between the interior of the vehicle and the outside environment, providing visibility to the driver and passengers, and protecting them from wind, rain, and other elements.

The rear windshield is an important safety feature of a vehicle, as it allows the driver to see behind the vehicle and monitor the movements of other vehicles or obstacles. In many vehicles, the rear windshield can also be equipped with a defroster to clear fog or frost, and may have a wiper to remove rain or debris.

How Important Rear Windshield

  • Safety: The rear windshield provides visibility for the driver to see what’s behind them. This is particularly important when reversing or parking. Without a rear windshield, the driver’s ability to see what’s behind them would be severely compromised, creating a potential safety hazard.
  • Protection from the elements: The rear windshield helps to protect passengers and the interior of the car from the elements, such as rain, snow, wind, and debris.
  • Structural integrity: The rear windshield contributes to the overall structural integrity of the vehicle, helping to support the roof and prevent collapse in the event of a rollover accident.
  • Aesthetics: The rear windshield also plays a role in the overall appearance of the vehicle, helping to give it a sleek and finished look.

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