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Volkswagen shares pictures of new “high-tech SUV” concept

Volkswagen shares pictures of new “high-tech SUV” concept

We are going to take part in the 2016 Beijing Motor Show, one of the largest exhibitions in the most populous country in the world, where the largest automobile market is also represented.

However, some teasers are starting to appear for new cars that will debut at this year’s show, with this latest from Volkswagen. This is apparently the “high-tech” SUV concept that can also introduce the next-generation Touraeg and give us an idea of ​​what to expect in terms of technology.

Volkswagen did not specify what provides this new concept, but they said how much it produces: 376 hp. and 516 lb-ft of torque at 0-62 times every six seconds and a top speed of 139 mph. Pretty typical numbers for an SUV concept. Fuel economy, however, is exclusively rated at 78 mpg in the NEDC European cycle.

Other highlights include the new Active Info Display and the “infotainment merger system,” as well as the push to make Volkswagen SUVs more prestigious.

Although I don’t know how much more they can do when Audi exists as an “elite” Volkswagen brand.

-Jack Wilson

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